#1 The Very Beginning

Okay actually it has been many, many years since I last blogged (in secondary school?). I had enough trouble trying to come up with a blog title and tagline, and then they told me I have to choose a theme!! So I kinda chose one arbitrarily… Hahahah. But at least I can change it any time.

So this post is to commemorate the birth of my blog! Whoopie-do. Let’s see how often I can post here and what thought-provoking and insightful things I can share… Or maybe not. *guffaws at that thought* This is just an ordinary blog by an ordinary person. It’s not going to be filled with beautiful poems, artistic shots or whatever. I do not profess to be Shakespeare or some artsy person. Honestly this blog is as I described – for me to record down things that I want to remember (does this mean that I won’t talk about things I don’t want to remember? Hopefully not). If you have a thought or two about it, feel free to leave a comment as well. I am open to fruitful discussion and sharing personal perspectives (and let’s agree to disagree if the need arises).

Before I end this first post, I must confess that by nature I am a very private person. I quite dislike sharing very personal and private details about myself unnecessarily. Whether it is to keep people in suspense, to maintain that air of mystery – HAHAHA – or just a plain preference not to expose everything about myself to everyone, I typically do not share very personal things with people I am not comfortable with. But if I know you and I trust you, anything goes. So this blog is kinda like an experiment and testing-the-water thing in learning how to open up about myself. And anyway, who am I kidding, it’s not like I am going to have thousands of readers here dying to find out about my life 😛

See you soon!