#2 I Must Make This The Path I Choose

This song has been on my heart today. The lyrics speak to me; I may have been a Christian for some time, but I still sin and need God. There is still ugliness in my heart and selfishness in my soul, and I know everyday that I need a Savior to redeem me. There is still much to grow in, and that fact brings me joy and hope.

I will choose this path, again and again.

He is No Fool
by Scott Wesley Brown

I’ve lost track of all the Sundays
The offering plates’ gone by
And as I gave my hard earned dollars
I felt free to keep my life
I talk about commitment
And the need to count the cost
But the words of a martyr show me
I don’t really know the cross

For he is no fool
Who gives what he cannot keep
To gain what he cannot lose
Yes he is no fool
Who lays his own life down
I must make this the path I choose

Obedience and servant hood
Are traits I’ve rarely shown
And the fellowship of His suffering
Is a joy I’ve barely known
There are riches in surrendering
That can’t be gained for free
God will share all heaven’s wonders
But the price He asks is me

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