#3 Cooking for Family

I have a group of friends from university who love to cook or eat (some, both). While we were still in uni, we would organise occasional get-togethers at someone’s house, where those who could cook would try out some new recipe, while those who couldn’t would do the dishes. I missed the first few sessions as they were usually on Saturday nights, but when they changed it to Friday I tried to go for as many as I could. As you can imagine, I was usually among those clearing up and washing the plates after we had eaten our fill and could stomach no more. The dishes were a hodgepodge of whatever different people felt like cooking, though there was always a level of coordination to get the different food groups covered (and ensure there was dessert, of course).

As the group was quite big and the recipes adventurous and slightly ambitious, we always ended up in one guy’s house which had a well-equipped kitchen. He was generous to open up his home, and he loved hosting us and more importantly, cooking new food for us. Sadly (for us but not for him), after we graduated from uni he decided to go overseas to further his passion for cooking at Le Cordon Bleu or some cooking school. Our cook-outs, as we called them, were no more. Everyone also got busy and it was hard to arrange a common time as well. 

Recently as I was thinking about my skill set, I decided that I want to be able to cook a few ‘signature’ dishes. I might not have a whole repertoire of dishes that I can cook, certainly not those complicated laksa/chicken rice, but at least something presentable that I can whip up if there is a potluck and I need to bring something. Also, I want to be able to prepare a meal for my family to eat together at home instead of always having to go out to overpriced restaurants for food that might not be that healthy or nice. So I thought back to the cook-outs and remembered this particular dish that my friend attempted based on a Gordan Ramsay recipe, salmon en croute. He said it was pretty simple if you’re not making the shortcrust yourself. So I went to google the recipe (see video here) and I’m going to prepare this for my family for dinner the coming Monday, since it’s a public holiday. 

I’ll keep you posted on how that attempt goes 😁 *fingers crossed*


Update: I cooked the salmon en croute and it went well! Yum yum. I still have the pastry skin in my freezer and the mustard seeds so I shall attempt it again. 

 With some imagination it looks like this 😂 


#2 I Must Make This The Path I Choose

This song has been on my heart today. The lyrics speak to me; I may have been a Christian for some time, but I still sin and need God. There is still ugliness in my heart and selfishness in my soul, and I know everyday that I need a Savior to redeem me. There is still much to grow in, and that fact brings me joy and hope.

I will choose this path, again and again.

He is No Fool
by Scott Wesley Brown

I’ve lost track of all the Sundays
The offering plates’ gone by
And as I gave my hard earned dollars
I felt free to keep my life
I talk about commitment
And the need to count the cost
But the words of a martyr show me
I don’t really know the cross

For he is no fool
Who gives what he cannot keep
To gain what he cannot lose
Yes he is no fool
Who lays his own life down
I must make this the path I choose

Obedience and servant hood
Are traits I’ve rarely shown
And the fellowship of His suffering
Is a joy I’ve barely known
There are riches in surrendering
That can’t be gained for free
God will share all heaven’s wonders
But the price He asks is me

#1 The Very Beginning

Okay actually it has been many, many years since I last blogged (in secondary school?). I had enough trouble trying to come up with a blog title and tagline, and then they told me I have to choose a theme!! So I kinda chose one arbitrarily… Hahahah. But at least I can change it any time.

So this post is to commemorate the birth of my blog! Whoopie-do. Let’s see how often I can post here and what thought-provoking and insightful things I can share… Or maybe not. *guffaws at that thought* This is just an ordinary blog by an ordinary person. It’s not going to be filled with beautiful poems, artistic shots or whatever. I do not profess to be Shakespeare or some artsy person. Honestly this blog is as I described – for me to record down things that I want to remember (does this mean that I won’t talk about things I don’t want to remember? Hopefully not). If you have a thought or two about it, feel free to leave a comment as well. I am open to fruitful discussion and sharing personal perspectives (and let’s agree to disagree if the need arises).

Before I end this first post, I must confess that by nature I am a very private person. I quite dislike sharing very personal and private details about myself unnecessarily. Whether it is to keep people in suspense, to maintain that air of mystery – HAHAHA – or just a plain preference not to expose everything about myself to everyone, I typically do not share very personal things with people I am not comfortable with. But if I know you and I trust you, anything goes. So this blog is kinda like an experiment and testing-the-water thing in learning how to open up about myself. And anyway, who am I kidding, it’s not like I am going to have thousands of readers here dying to find out about my life 😛

See you soon!